Powder filling machine project solution
Powder filling machine project solution

Welcome to Micmachinery website, here we have auger powder filling machine, powder cup system filling machine and Rotary filling machine for dry products, such as free flowed granular products (popcorn), non-free flowed powders (flour salt).

To meet various client requirements on machine automation, we have both hand feeding and automatic feeding for products transferring.

Machine also has different type for packaging, as bags, vertical standing bags, jars, bottles, and barrels.

As your need, we can customize machine for requirements.

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Automatic bagged powder filling sealing machine

Automatic bottled powder filling machine


Automatic bagged powder filling sealing machine
The fully automatic horizontal bagging machine includes film placement, bag formation, bag bottom sealing, vertical sealing, cutting, bag opening filling, bag transfer, top bag sealing and the like. Through the motor, drive the cam on the main shaft to complete the coordinated action of each mechanism, and the encoder in the spindle feedback position signal, under the programmable control of the PLC, performs the film roll → bag formation → bag manufacturing → filling → sealing → transport of the finished product The function, the final product enters the collection and counting device for bypass bags, and is packed or boxed manually. The machine has a reasonable design, a novel look and adopts a standard band seal. The filling of the filling device can perform the automatic filling of various materials such as powder, granules, suspending agent, emulsifiable oil and water agent in the machine.
Automatic bottled powder filling machine
This packing production line is arranged according to the national food standard, the automatic degree of whole production process is high, conforms to the Chinese food production standard. It is used in automatic metering, filling, sealing,  capping, labeling, coding and other automatic production lines for various powder products.This product has widely used for milk powder, solid beverage powder, coffee powder, chemical powder and all different kinds of powder.
Suitable material for bottles: PET. Glass bottle. Macarons and so on.