Labeling Machine
Location labeling machine
Basic USES:
This device is a round bottle and conical bottle labeling machine, which is specially used for circular labeling. It can be labeled with single label and double label. The distance between front and back double label can be adjusted flexibly.With tapered bottle labeling function;The perimeter location detection device can be used to label the designated position on the perimeter surface.
Scope of application:
◆ applicable label: sticker labeln-drying film, etc.
◆ applicable products: round bottles with diameters between 150mm and 400mm.
Application: widely used in medicine, food, toy, daily chemical and other industries.
Working process:
* core principle: products from a location in labeling machine conveyor belt, sensors detect the product after, back to the signal to the labeling control system, card bottle agencies will bucket stuck and high-speed rotation, when the color standard photoelectric detecting control system to control the corresponding motor send labels and attached with a stay in product labeling position, at the same time scale, a label attached.
* operation process: put the product conveyor belt (line can be connected) -- > product conveying -- > bucket handle -- > product testing -- > product positioning -- > labeling and re-labeling -- > collection of labeled products.
◆ simple adjustment, configuration before and after, left and right and up and down directions, plane inclination Angle, vertical inclination Angle adjustment seat, different barrels switch without dead Angle, simple and quick adjustment;
◆ touch screen control, man-machine interaction interface with operation and teaching functions, straightforward parameter modification, simple switch of various functions;
◆ intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no marking, no marking automatic correction and automatic label detection functions, to avoid waste labels and missing labels;
◆ solid and hygienic, mainly made of stainless steel and senior aluminum alloy, with solid quality, in line with GMP production requirements;
◆ with automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no production within the set time, the equipment will automatically turn to power saving standby state), production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting management by permission), convenient production management;
Optional functions:
Hot code/spray code function;
(2) automatic feeding function (vertical bottle feeder);
(3) automatic receiving function (considering the product);
(4) increase labeling device;
(5) no mark bottle removal function (customized according to customer requirements).

Voltage specification

AC220V   50/60HZ

Consumed power


Labeling speed

30-40 BBL/min (speed adjustable, depending on object size and label length)

Labeling accuracy

+1.5mm (depending on product characteristics, hardness and roundness)

Bucket diameter



100mm ~ 300mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Label height

10mm ~ ~ 150mm length 15 ~ ~ 300mm (special specification can be customized)

Paper roll diameter

Φ paper roll diameter: 76 mm Φ 300 (maximum)

Air source pressure




Package size


Part name


Label servo motor

omron panasonic

Label motor driver

Switch power supply

omron panasonic

Switch button


Labeled optoelectronic

keenshi, Japan

Label detection photoelectric

Programmable controller

Germany Siemens

Man - machine operation interface

Germany Siemens

Synchronous toothed belt

sakato (Japan)

conveying motor

jianming (Shanghai)

drum motor

Frequency converter

Germany Siemens

Cylinder, solenoid valve


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