Glass bottle filling machine
Semi automatic perfume filling and sealing machine

Main introduction of perfume filling machine :

This PERFUME FILLING & CAPPING MACHINE contains a working disk and two vibrating plates. It has 3 filling heads and 16 positions. Mainly used for glass bottle perfume filling and capping .


Features : 
1. All components are famous brands. no bottle, no filling; no bottle, no capping; no drop, no bubble or spill.
2. Good stainless steel material-SUS304 or SUS316, which is line GMP requirement.
3. PLC control, stepless transducer control.
4. Human-machine interface touch screen with easy operation.
5. High accuracy for filling. Vacuum suction filling.


STEP1:  Manually put the bottles into the conveyor belt then will be sent into the moulds; correcting position with position heads.  

SETP2 :  Filling when the bottle move to the positions and the filling speed is 30-60bph.

SETP3 : Manual out the cap or loading cap automatically(two options).

Manual put the cap on the bottle and cap collator squeeze the cap on the both sides to stabilize the cap.

SETP3-1: The cap will be sent from the vibrate tray into the loading tunnel one by one. Based on the cap stype, make the right vibrating disk.

SETP4:  Crimp the cap on the bottle to seal it.


So you can choose semi automatic or automatic one. Manual load the bottle or automatic load the bottle, manual load the cap or load the cap automatically. We will customize the perfume filling capping machine based on your perfume bottle and cap. 

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Filling nozzle

3 piece Three heads all is vacuum filling nozzle

Filling volume


Filling form

Sealing vacuum filling

Filling speed


Filling accuracy

+/- 1mm

bottle table

table 600*300 mm length and width 2 pieces (input and output)


PLC+ touch screen

Machine Filling nozzle tank,

liquid contact material

SUS 304 Medical silica gel pipe

Air pressure


Flow quantity


Conveyor motor

370W adjust transducer motor


1Kw 220v single phase 5 wire (can customize)

Rack material



SUS304/medical silica gel

Air componnet


Contorller (PLC)

Siemens Germany

Touch screen

Siemens Germany 21 cm color



Relay & air switch

Schneider French

Conveyor material

82mm width SUS 304 Chain belt

Conveyor motor

AC motor China brand

Filling form

vacuum filling (for accuracy)

Turnable tray motor, capping motor,

China brand

Explore parts

SUS 304, Positive oxidation treatment aluminum alloy

Electroplate No.#45 steel and plastic.

Vacuum pump

China brand

Capping servo motor