Labeling Machine
Location labeling machine
Automatic labeling workflow:
Bottle through a conveyor belt into the chart, by measuring the bottle of magic eye, triggering a bottle of magic eye to the PLC signal measurement, PLC after time delay control dial clockwise (a work place, when the bottle in the stroke scale roll position, the bottle at the bottom of the bottle label test electric eye to see the bottle, at the same time, the bottle with stroke the roller has been spinning clockwise (in situ, check the labeling bottles of magic eye to the PLC a signal, when the orientation of the bottle at the bottom of the magic eye to see the bottle at the bottom of the sign, positioning magic eye and give a signal of PLC, the PLC control to the delay of a label on the bottle, at the same time in the stroke with the cooperation of the roller,Stick the whole label firmly on the surface of the bottle. After sticking, the star puller turns clockwise one working bit, and the bottle is transported out to complete the whole labeling process.
The main features
The motor adopts panasonic servo labeling system, delta PLC and function module, panasonic servo main motor marking, delta frequency conversion regulation: high stability and synchronization, the fastest reaction speed of 1200 times/minute, and strong torque, never out of step.
I. Germany Siemens microcomputer control system:
Real FUZZY(intelligent) no setting, no adjustment, as long as the boot, the system has completed all labeling calculus and preparation, press the start button to paste the perfect product.
Ii. Operation mode:
A. The imported touch-control man-machine interface is adopted, and the display is all in Chinese. As long as the operation is conducted according to the instructions on the display screen, no experience is required, it can be easily put online, greatly reducing the training time of personnel;Through the man-machine interface, the production speed can be set at will, and the production speed can be adjusted automatically.
B. If there is any abnormal fault: if the label is used up, the band is broken or tension is missed, the counting setting arrives, the machine is abnormal and so on, it will automatically stop the machine and give an alarm.
Iii. Mechanical design:
1. Super wear-resistant label rolling mechanism, using duralumin sandblasting, durable and not easy to wear.
2. Accurate differential bottling mechanism, the bottling accuracy is as high as ±5mm, it is unnecessary to change accessories for bottles of different specifications, saving cost, easy to adjust, and better than other brands.
3. The stable and durable frame and various parts adopt standardized modular design with complete interchangeability and operate 24 hours a day to ensure safety and stability.
4. The case, made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy, never rusts and complies with GMP standard.
· the printing head adopts the solenoid valve to control the cylinder for reciprocating movement. Compared with the movement mode of crank connecting rod, the reaction speed and printing speed are greatly improved.
· the printable manufacturing date, production batch number and expiry date can be completed at the same time, and the printing direction can be adjusted according to user needs.The writing is clear and clean.

Labeling ability

60-100 PCS/min (depending on bottle and label size)

Conveyor speed


Caress roll speed


conveyor belt passes through the bottle diameter


standard rate


Labeling accuracy


total power


power supply

L/N/PE  220V  50Hz

Operating ambient temperature


Use of relative humidity


Part name


Label servomotor

Japan panasonic

Disk servo motor

Conveyor belt motor


Conveyor belt motor gear box



volume of the motor


Roll label motor gear box

Dividing the motor

Split bottle motor gear box

Labeling photoelectric

Omron, Japan

Label detection photoelectric

Omron, Japan

Programmable controller

Siemens, Germany

Touch screen

Siemens, Germany

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