Labeling Machine
Pneumatic marking machine
1. Basic use
The paper applies the method of sticking stick to label, and realizes the labeling on the plane of all kinds of workpiece, such as outer carton, household appliance and so on.
Change the overlaying mechanism, can be applied to uneven surface labeling, such as concave plane, circular surface labeling.
The modified fixture can be applied to the labeling of various irregular workpiece.
Optional color belt printer or printer to print the production date and batch number on the label to achieve the integration of coding and labeling.
Ii. Scope of application
Apply the label
Sticker labels, non-drying film, electronic regulatory code, bar code, etc
Applicable to the product
Products requiring labels on flat, curved, circular, concave, convex or other surfaces
Application industry
Widely used in daily chemical, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, logistics and other industries
Examples of application
Refrigerator, washing machine, computer, carton, tile and other products label
Four, the work process
Feeding products → automatic clamping pair → labeling → sending out products
Core working principle: the carton by the roller conveyor line into the labeling station and photoelectric products detected object when labeling machine test, conveyor stop, at the same time on both sides of the clamping mechanism after the carton clamping to send the label instruction for labeling machine, suction a label which head drop labeling and standard, and then returned to the in situ adsorption next labels, holding mechanism let go at the same time, send the carton conveyor, waiting for the next labeling signals, a label attached.
Vi. Functional features
1, powerful, can be used for various workpiece plane, arc plane, concave plane labeling, can be used for irregular workpiece labeling;
2, stick to the standard and accurate, high stability, using PLC and high precision servo drive to send the standard is accurate;The feeding mechanism is equipped with brake function to ensure the label belt is tight and the label detection is accurate.Label belt around the rectifying mechanism, to prevent the label left and right deviation;
3. The clamping mechanism is driven by high-precision servo, with fast response speed, accurate positioning, and no adjustment for product replacement;
4. Strong and durable, the circuit is arranged separately from the gas circuit, and the gas circuit is equipped with purification device to avoid the moisture of the air from harming the electrical appliances and extend the service life of the equipment;
5. The machine is made of high grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, with solid quality;
6, easy adjustment, configuration of high and low travel self-adjustment function, different height of product labeling, no need to adjust;
7, beautiful appearance, the whole machine is equipped with a transparent plexiglass cover, with stainless steel and senior aluminum alloy, beautiful and generous, improve the level of equipment;

Technical parameters

Scope of application

Technical parameters

Scope of application



Product size



Outer diameter(mm):φ320
inner diameter(mm):φ76mm

Labeling speed




Labeling accuracy




Applicable to the power supply

220V  50HZ

equipment size


Part name


Label servomotor


Label the motor drive

Gripper servo motor

Gripper servo driver

Switching power supply


Switch button


Labeling photoelectric

Keenes, Japan

Label detection photoelectric

Programmable controller


Man-machine interface




Solenoid valve


Vacuum generator


Linear slide rail


Synchronous toothed belt


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