Labeling Machine
Single-sided adhesive labeling machine
Basic USES:
Automatic single side labeling machine is a side labeling machine, suitable for flat bottle, round bottle, square bottle of single and double side labeling, such as flat shampoo bottles, lubricating oil flat bottle, hand sanitizer round bottles such as single side labeling, can be mounted to the labeling head to realize the two sides together stick, double the efficiency, is widely used in chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Working principle:
Core working principle: the sensor detects the passing of the product, sends back the signal to the labeling control system, and in the appropriate position, the control system controls the sending of the label and attaches it to the position of the product to be labeled. The product flows through the overlaying device, the label is attached to the product, and the attaching of a label is completed.Operation process: product placement (line connection) -- > product delivery -- > product separation -- > labeling (automatic realization of equipment) -- > collection of labeled products.
Product features:
◆ the imported touch-control man-machine interface is adopted, and the display is in both Chinese and English. As long as the operation is conducted according to the instructions on the display screen, without any experience, it can be easily put online, greatly reducing the training time of personnel;Production speed can be set at will, can automatically adjust the production speed, can cooperate with the speed of any production line for the most efficient production operation.
◆ the motor adopts the imported labeling system, Siemens PLC and function module, the imported servo motor has high marking stability and synchronization, the fastest reaction speed is up to 600 times/minute, and the torque is strong, never out of step.
◆ with powerful functions, one machine can realize single-side and double-side labeling of four products (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle and special-shaped bottle);
◆ the use of a double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain, automatically ensure the bottle to neutral, for the workers to put the bottle and the assembly line butt into the bottle requirements are low, greatly reduce the difficulty of workers work or assembly line butt, can be single-machine production, can also be line production;
◆ equipped with ejection-type top pressing mechanism to ensure smooth product delivery and effectively eliminate the error of bottle height;
◆ automatic bottle dividing mechanism is configured to automatically separate the spacing before the bottle guide to ensure the stability of subsequent bottle guide, conveying and labeling;
◆ it is equipped with two duplicate labeling mechanisms to ensure the labeling accuracy for the first time, and the double-extruded rebidding system to effectively eliminate bubbles and ensure that the label head and tail are tight;
◆ intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no marking, no marking automatic correction and automatic label detection functions, to avoid waste labels and missing labels;
◆ the main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and senior aluminum alloy, in line with GMP production specifications, the overall structure is firm, beautiful and generous.

Voltage specification

AC220V   50/60HZ

Consumed power


Labeling speed

80-220 vials/min (adjustable speed, depending on object size and label length)

Labeling accuracy

+1mm (depending on product characteristics, hardness and roundness)

Object size

Length (delivery direction) 30-300mm

Width (conveying width) 20-140mm

Height 55mm ~ ~ 400mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

label specification

Height 10mm ~ ~ 180mm length 15 ~ ~ 200mm (special specifications can be customized)

Paper roll diameter

Φ paper roll diameter: 76 mm Φ 320 (maximum)

Heavy volume


Packing size


Conveyor belt width

Can be customized according to the diameter of the sample bottle provided by the customer

Part name


Label step motor

Omron Japan

Label the motor drive

Omron Japan

Conveyor belt motor


Conveyor belt motor gear box


Dividing the motor

Intensive research (JSCC)

Split bottle motor gear box

Correction of the motor

Labeling photoelectric

Omron Japan

Label detection photoelectric


Programmable controller (PLC)


Man-machine interface




Conveyor chain plate


Driving wheel


From the pulley


Synchronous toothed belt



S304 stainless steel

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