Labeling Machine
Vertical round bottle sticker labeling machine
1. Related introduction:
Rxl-a vertical round bottle sticker labeling machine designed to achieve reasonable production objectives.Labeling process is automated, simple operation, fast production speed, labeling position is unified, beautiful, neat;Suitable for circular container labeling in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
2. Working principle:
After the bottles enter the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, they are fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed. The fixed device on the machine separates the stickers from each other at a fixed distance and pushes the stickers along the direction of the conveyor belt.Through the mechanical system (drive wheel, label wheel, reel) drive wheel intermittently drag the label belt movement, the label from the reel, through the label device on the paste.
3. Product features:
◆ wide range of application, can meet the full circle labeling or half circle labeling round bottles, easy to switch labeling between bottles, easy to adjust;
◆ high labeling accuracy, subdivided stepper motor or servo motor drive feed, feed accurate;The design of belt winding rectifying mechanism ensures that the label does not deviate from left to right in the process of traction;Eccentric wheel technology is applied to traction mechanism, traction label does not slip, to ensure accurate marking;
◆ solid and durable, adopt three-bar adjusting mechanism, make full use of triangle stability, the whole machine is solid and durable;
◆ high stability, Siemens PLC, Siemens touch screen, panasonic servo motor composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7×24 hours of operation;
◆ flexible application, single production or assembly line production, simple production site layout;
◆ intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no marking, no marking automatic correction and automatic label detection function, to prevent the leakage and label waste;
◆ touch screen operation interface, full Chinese comments and perfect fault prompt function, easy and quick adjustment of various parameters, easy to operate;
◆ powerful function, with production counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient production management;
◆ optional functions:
※ the function of hot typing code/spraying code;
* automatic feeding function (considering the product);
* automatic material receiving function (considering the product);
※ adding labeling device;
※ other functions (customized according to customer requirements).

Voltage specification

AC220V   50/60HZ

power consumption


Labeling speed

50-120 vials/min (speed adjustable, depending on object size and label length)

Labeling accuracy

+1mm (depending on product characteristics, hardness and roundness)

Bottle diameter



20mm ~ 300mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)


height 10mm ~ ~ 150mm length 15 ~ ~ 300mm (special specification can be customized)

Paper roll diameter

Φ paper roll diameter: 76 mm Φ 300 (maximum)



Package size


Conveyor belt width

can be customized according to the diameter of the sample bottle provided

Part name


Label step motor

joint venture

Label the motor drive

Conveyor belt motor

Intensive research (sino-german joint venture)

Conveyor belt motor gear box

volume of the motor

Roll label motor gear box

Dividing the motor

Split bottle motor gear box

Labeling photoelectric

Keenes, Japan

Transparent label detects photoelectric

Programmable controller

Siemens (Germany)

Man-machine interface

Siemens (Germany)


Siemens (Germany)

Conveyor belt


Synchronous toothed belt

Samsung (Japan)

Code printer

Pneumatic (rui xiao)

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