Machine advantages
Advantages of semi-automatic hose machine
Semi-automatic flexible tube machine, the base plate is divided into 8 stations equally by the middle center and 8 positions equally, so that the accuracy is improved, and the error is within +/-1MM.Noise reduction.
Japan Orient is adopted for marking and driving, with fast forward rotation and low speed reverse retrieval. The accuracy error of marking is 0.72°, and the same behavior in China is 1.2°. Some machines do not reverse and low speed retrieval, and the error may be higher.
The base plate of the heating fixture is cast iron without deformation for a long time. It is fixed in a vertical way. There is a positioning slot.
Temperature control and heating module: intelligent temperature control and solid state relay are used to control heating, so as to ensure accurate temperature control, temperature +/-1-2°.
The use of frequency conversion speed regulation can reasonably adjust the production speed, the whole machine PLC control each input and output, accurate long-term stability to ensure the operation of the machine.