Mascara, lipgloss, nail polish filling machine
lip gloss filling machine

Mascara, lip gloss, liquid foundation and other liquid or paste raw materials, simple mode of operation, easy to clean, and a wide range of applications, for a variety of types, a variety of users with great practicality and efficiency.


This model set of mechanical, pneumatic, automatic as one of the equipment. Powerful features, such as high degree of automation, high output, are widely used, good stability, more popular.


Automatic bottle, automatic detection of bottles (no bottles do not fill) and filling, automatic plus plug, automatically add the brush cover. Compared with foreign products and equipment, more competitive, the machine in line with GMP standards.

Parameters (filling machine)

Filling nozzle

1 head Quantitative filling (with pressurized barrel)

Filling volume

2-10 ml

Filling form

Piston and vacuum pressure filling

Filling speed

40 bottle per min

Filling accuracy

+/- 1mm

Material tank / bottle table

25L / 600*300 mm length and width 2 pieces (input and output)


PLC+ touch screen

Machine Filling nozzle tank, liquid contact material

SUS 304 Medical silica gel pipe

Air pressure


Flow quantity


Conveyor motor

370W adjust transducer motor


1Kw 220v single phase 5 wire

Setup component


Rack material

SUS 304

Tank, nozzle, liquid touches place

SUS 304 / medical silica gel

Air componnet


Touch screen

Siemens Germany 21 cm color


LEUZE Germany or SICK

Relay & air switch

Schneider French

Transducer Motor

Schneider French

Conveyor material

82mm width SUS 304 Chain belt

Conveyor motor

AC motor China brand

Filling form

Piston filling (80-90) and vacuum filling (for accuracy)

Turnable tray motor, capping motor,

China brand

Explore parts

SUS 304, Positive oxidation treatment aluminum alloy

Electroplate No.#45 steel and plastic.

Vacuum pump

China brand