Small bottle filling machine
High Speed Vaccine Vial Antibiotics Liquid Injection Bottle Filling Machine

This small high speed vial liquid bottle filling machine is suitable for the filling and capping process of liquids in the pharmaceutical, oral liquid, syrup, health care products and other industries. This is a mature product of our company for many years. It mainly fills and caps the vials vaccine bottles. The automatic filling machine adopts PLC touch screen control, adopts disc positioning for filling, cap loading and capping, and imported divider to control the station to ensure the filling, stoppering and capping station. It has many advantages such as stable work, high output, peristaltic pump filling, high filling accuracy, reasonable design, easy operation and maintenance, no bottle no filling, no bottle no cap drop. Fully meet the requirements of the new version of GMP.

It can be produced on a stand-alone machine, and can also form a linked production line with equipment such as bottle supply, bottle washing, drying, and labeling machines. The protective cover can be purchased according to customer requirements.

High speed vial automatic filling machine:
1. PLC touch screen control, easy to operate and maintain.
2. Peristaltic pump filling, high filling accuracy and high speed rotary cap crimping.
3. Frequency conversion control, production speed can be adjusted, automatic counting
4. No bottle stop function, automatic start when the bottle comes.
5. Made of 304 and 316L stainless steel, fully comply with the requirements of the new version of GMP
6. Adopting advanced world famous brand components.

We provide the full-lifetime warranty consult with one-year free accessories, if you need, we also can arrange the engineer to your factory do field installation guidance.      


1500 kg


33 00*1 2 00*1 75 0mm


220V 50Hz

Motor Power

3 KW

Filling Volume

10- 20 ml

Filling Speed

200   bpm

Air Supply


Air Consumption

1.3 m³/h