Vaccine filling machine
Automatic High Speed Vaccine Vial Antibiotics Liquid Injection Bottle Filling Capping Machine

This machine can be widely used in Chemical, Medical, Agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquid, especially for liquid products, such as: vaccine, antibiotics liquid, vape oil, perfume, olive oil, lube oil, syrup, eyedrops, E-liquid, oral liquid etc., are all applicable.

This machine is used for filling hemp oil, syrup, or oral liquid into a small glass or plastic bottle with plastic or metal cap.

The main steps are: Bottle loading- Filling-Loading cap-Capping-Output, no bottle no filling, easy operation but meet high-speed production.

1. Rotary filling with rotary cap crimping for high-speed requests.
2. Suitable for the vaccine, antibiotics liquid, and injection production for COVID-19.
3. Adopting advanced world famous brand components.
4. Special for pharmaceutical and medical liquid production.


1500 kg


33 00*1 2 00*1 75 0mm


220V 50Hz

Motor Power

3 KW

Filling Volume

10- 20 ml

Filling Speed

200 bpm

Filling Volume


Air Consumption

1.3 m³/h